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Why should interdisciplinary high-risk research on disruptive technologies be supported?

The EFFECT project wants to hear your views on the European Commission's Future Emerging Technologies Programme.

This topic was discussed during the workshop “European Parliament European Leadership through Disruptive Technologies: Future and Emerging Technologies Towards 2030” organized by the European’s Parliament ITRE Committee and the EFFECT project. The event took place on the 7th of March at the European Parliament (Brussels) and brought together parliamentarians, EU officials, industry experts, scientists, academics, members of the FET Advisory Group and the Horizon 2020 FET Flagship Interim Evaluation Committee.

Discussion focused on how to best maintain Europe’s position as the cradle of science-driven technologica innovation, and on how to ensure to secure solid prospects for FET, in the post-H2020 EU research and innovation programme (FP9).  An overview of key findings and recommendations defined during EFFECT event are available  in the Brief Conclusion.

We would like to hear also your thoughts on this topic. You can publish your contributions as comments HERE

The deadline for giving inputs to this consultation is May the 31st, 2018.