Horizon Europe

The European funds are a great opportunity to make innovation project a reality. The return of the Framework Program in Spain exceeds 3 500 million euros per year, being the main source of financing for Spanish national R&D. With more than 30 years of experience in the European programs, in ZABALA we obtain a 35% success in our proposals, tripling the European average. In this section, we offer relevant information about HORIZON EUROPE, you can prepare with us for what is to come:

The first European Commission FET (Future and Emerging Technologies) event on extracellular vesicles, held recently in Palermo, was co-organized by ZABALA, as a partner of the VES4US project.
 Positive Energy Districts
Smart City project to turn Amsterdam and Bilbao into citizen-driven Positive Energy Districts.
ZABALA’s IMMERSE project took part in UNICEF’s #GoBlue campaign to mark the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
The European Commission, Parliament and Council have agreed on the EU's budget for 2020. This will allow the EU to focus its resources on the priorities that matter to citizens: climate change, jobs, young people, security and solidarity in the EU.
ROMEO and ZABALA at the Wind Europe Offshore Conference in Copenhagen
ROMEO, the flagship initiative devoted to offshore wind farm optimization, of which ZABALA is partner, presented its work and hosted two workshops at the Wind Europe Conference on 26th - 28th of November in the Danish capital.
Online survey, open until 17 November, is accompanied by an updated draft of the plan for the €94.1B programme
The results of the latest calls reinforce our leadership position: one year after completing Horizon 2020, the return obtained by ZABALA for its clients already exceeds that of the previous framework program of the European Commission.
Europe is a continent of cities, with more than 70% of the population living in urban areas, facing today challenges for environmental, social and economic sustainability. Have you positioned your project for these challenges?
NESOI team
The EU Island Facility - NESOI aims to mobilise more than 100 M€ of investment in sustainable energy projects to an audience of 2,400 inhabited EU islands by 2023, giving the opportunity to test innovative energy technologies and approaches in a cost-competitive way.
The aim of the project is to find solutions to HLB, a disease that is threatening citrus cultivation worldwide.