Horizon Europe

The European funds are a great opportunity to make innovation project a reality. The return of the Framework Program in Spain exceeds 3 500 million euros per year, being the main source of financing for Spanish national R&D. With more than 30 years of experience in the European programs, in ZABALA we obtain a 35% success in our proposals, tripling the European average. In this section, we offer relevant information about HORIZON EUROPE, you can prepare with us for what is to come:

The developments and technologies of the REZBUILD project will be tested in 3 multiscale demo sites covering 3 out of 4 of the most usual residential building typologies in Europe and representing the most prevalent European climates.
WindEurope - a key event for the wind energy industry was held in Bilbao on April 4th. ZABALA participated in the event supporting the dissemination of two of the projects in which it participates as a partner: ROMEO and CL-WINDCON.
Over the past month the EU institutions have reached a partial political agreement on Horizon Europe, the Life Programme, the Connecting Europe Facility and the European Defence fund. These are now subject to formal approval by the European Parliament and Council.
Calls for proposals from innovation SMEs interested in working with our following projects: IRSUS, EDI, BLOCKCHERS and Data Market Services are now open!
comisión europea
The European Commission welcomes the provisional agreement reached by the European Parliament and Council on the LIFE programme for the Environment and Climate Action, as part of the next long-term EU budget 2021-2027.
European Innovation Council
During the month of March, the pilot of the European Innovation Council (EIC) will be approved with calls before summer
IRSUS_Open Call
Start-ups can apply till the 31st of March
CIRCUSOL: don´t miss the Workshop “Batteries: their remaining quality and second life application”
The event will take place on the 11th of March 2019 (Tulip Inn Düsseldorf Arena) on the eve of the Energy Storage Europe (ESE) expo+conference. Registrations still open!
BLOCKCHERS - an accelerator for SMEs working with blockchain technologies, will open it's first call for SMEs on the 26th of March 2019.
Meeting of member states’ research delegations this week in Brussels saw further disagreement over the direction of Horizon Europe. And a proposed mission to build a universal quantum computer is scratched