Digital transformation, entrepreneurship and new calls for Horizon 2020 in ICT 2018

 Digital transformation in ICT 2018
ZABALA to participate in ICT 2018: Imagine Digital - Connect Europe (Vienna 4-6 December), collaborating with the EC in the organization of the Innovation Radar Prize and launching a new call for innovators with the IRSUS project. The European Data Incubator (EDI) has launched another open call to seek for data providers.

ZABALA will participate the next week in the largest European event in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector in Europe. ICT 2018: Imagine Digital - Connect Europe #ICT2018  will take place in Vienna (4-6 December) and will be focused on the priorities of the European Union in the digital transformation of society and industry. This event, which is expected to involve up to 6,000 people, is the meeting place for the key agents involved in the digital transformation, sharing their experiences and visions.

ZABALA leads the IRSUS project addressed to the best innovators from all over Europe. The initiative supports entrepreneurs and innovators to be successful reaching the market. In the frame of the project ZABALA collaborates with the EC in the organization of the Innovation Radar Prize. Twenty finalists (the best innovators of Europe) have been selected to present their proposals in the space of this great event with a pitch session.

ICT 2018 will offer conferences, stands, networking and the Innovation and Startups Forum during three days. The programme includes the main speakers and debates on the EU's digital policies. The most relevant agents of industry, research and public bodies will be there.

In the same way, ICT 2018 will dedicate a forum to innovation and companies. During the 5th and 6th of December, the Innovation and Startups Forum will hold sessions on blockchain, advanced technologies, the European Innovation Council, disruptive innovation and the Innovation Radar Prize.

The Innovation and Startups forum will bring together market-oriented innovators and investors, and will present marketable research and innovation results from EU-funded projects.

As part of the ICT 2018 Exhibition programme, research and innovation successes funded by the EU will be showcased. Visitors will also have the opportunity to meet the innovators behind these projects.

Also, within the networking sessions will be presented the topics and calls 2019 of the Horizon2020 programme.

The ZABALA team will explore the new trends and funding opportunities that will be presented in ICT 2018 as well as the B2B sessions that have been planned. If you want to know the latest trends in the ICT sector, digital transformation and have access to European and national funding, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our stand. See you soon in Vienna!

IRSUS Open call to launch innovators onto the market

The IRSUS third Open Call (and last one this year) opens on 3rd December, and we encourage all Innovation Radar innovators to join in and not miss this opportunity.

Fill this simple form between 3-19 December, and that is it! We will check your eligibility and contact you in January to get to know more about your needs, and how the IRSUS team can assist you.

We are working with about a hundred innovators, who have applied to receive IRSUS services, but we would like to support more outstanding SMEs, start-ups, research organizations or universities, who are interested in going a step forward in the market and achieve commercial exploitation. So far, IRSUS works with about a hundred innovators among which are the most prominent SMEs, start-up companies, research centers and universities interested in achieving commercial success.

For SMEs and startups – just to list some of the services – we created online training webinars in various topics, such as fundraising, business pitch, UX/UI, see the full list here. Speaking of funding, we also give personalized feedback on funding proposals, personalized reports on public funding opportunities and assistance to equity crowdfunding. Courtesy of our project partners, we can offer office space upon demand in Madrid, Paris, London or Düsseldorf, and also vouchers to attend impactful events in Europe. Promotion on our website and becoming part of our Portfolio for investors is also included.

For research centers and universities, we offer tech commercialization roadmap, which covers analyzing their innovation, and providing tailored support in funding, business plan and marketing. Promotion and inclusion in our Portfolio are also part of the package we offer for these institutions.

Find here the full list of services and all the information about the call, and also check out our FAQ page if you have more questions!

For the latest news on the IRSUS Open Call, follow us on our social media channels: TwitterLinkedIn or Facebook, and don’t forget that application starts from 3rd December!

EDI: open call for new data providers.

The European Data Incubator (EDI) is other of the most important initiatives to boost the entrepreunership and bid Data ecosystem. ZABALA coordinates the open calls of EDI. The initiative seeks organizations that are interested in "lending" their data to European startups that develop Big Data ICT solutions to solve their business challenges. Currently EDI works with 12 data providers collaborating with 30 startups across Europe. This call is open through the F6S platform.

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