Eco-Innovation is one of the most promising sectors In Europe

The Network for Eco-Innovation Investment has recently met European Business Angels
The Network for Eco-Innovation Investment has recently met European Business Angels

Eco-Innovation is one of the most promising sectors In Europe, as demonstrated during the meeting with major European Business Angels. The gathering was organised by the Network for Eco-Innovation Investment (INNEON), led by ZABALA Innovation Consulting.

The Business Angels considered that Eco-innovative businesses have an attractive add-value and are in the scope of European policies. Indeed, the European Commission’s priority is to make Eco-Innovation one of the niches where every European country could improve its competitiveness, create jobs and generate high value added growth.  

The involvement of European regions in Eco-Innovation is critically in line with their smart growth strategies. It represents an opportunity for INNEON to grow and consolidate its network.

The attendees were Jenny Tooth, UK Business Angels Association Chief Executive (United Kingdom), Paco Negre, Valencian science park network (Spain), Larsen Kenneth, CEO and partner of Keystones (Denmark), Guus KEDER, DieselUp BV Board Director (Belgium) and Andrei Tabarcea, Business Angels Romania Managing Partner (Romania). Each  of them demonstrates their extended experiences in Eco-Innovation, along with good knowledge of the European networks.

The Business Angels analysed the business plans designed by INNEON. Constructive remarks were formulated to improve the quality of the plans, and the competitive advantages and barriers to the sectors have been debated. In addition, four success stories, BioBoxx (The Netherlands), Smart Bio-systems (United Kingdom), Quality Fry (Spain) and HySiLabs (France), selected by INNEON and already in receipt of funding, were presented.


The INNEON network for eco-innovation investment aims to extend public and private funding sources available for eco-innovation and social innovation in Europe, and provide a unique forum dedicated to the interaction between a select cohort of innovators and relevant investors.

It has a specific focus on promoting high growth businesses with eco innovative propositions that are relevant across a range of industrial, commercial and domestic markets. The main goal is to develop a network of investors with an interest in accessing curated deals from across the European market.

Innovators and investors can join a network providing access to pan European markets, live networking events and more, in order to improve the quality of their deals and allow entrepreneurs and investors to achieve highly synergic    matches. INNEON is a catalyst accelerating the commercialisation of eco-innovation, bringing economic, environmental and social benefits for the investors and entrepreneurs at European level.

INNEON key figures

INNEON received 128 proposals from entrepreneurs and companies,  from which 62 have been selected to benefit from bespoke management assistance and direct connections with investors. On the investors side, 40 have already committed to the network,Which has lead to 6 companies already in receipt of vital  investments to conduct their innovation projects.