ECSEL calls 2016 open

Two new calls for proposals under the Joint Technology Initiative Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership (ECSEL) have been published. ECSEL is a partnership between the private and the public sectors for advancing the state-of-the art in electronic components and systems.

The submission of proposals for Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) and Innovation Actions (IA) follows a two-stage-procedure: a project outline has to be submitted (deadline: 24 May 2016) followed by a full project proposal (deadline: 21 September 2016).

Both calls are open for the broad thematic range as defined by the ECSEL Multi-Annual Strategic Plan (e.g. Smart Mobility, Smart Health, Cyber-physical Systems, Semiconductor Process, Equipment and Materials, etc.). The call specific documents are available on the Participant Portal. For interested proposers it is recommended to examine the ESCSEL Multi-Annual Strategic Plan as well as the 2016 Work Plan.

ECSEL JU opens two concurrent Calls in 2016:

  • H2020-ECSEL-2016-1-RIA-two-stage - Research and Innovation Actions (RIA)
  • H2020-ECSEL-2016-2-IA-two-stage - Innovation Actions (IA)


Both ECSEL Calls 2016 have two stages, Project Outline (stage 1) and Full Project Proposal (stage 2). The submission of a Project Outline is mandatory, only proposals having submitted a Project Outline will be allowed to submit a Full Project Proposal.


In order to submit a project proposal, applicants must use the on-line tools provided for this purpose by the European Commission through its “Participant Portal”, which can be accessed through the Call pages:  H2020-ECSEL-2016-1-RIA-two-stage or H2020-ECSEL-2016-2-IA-two-stage.


Full details of the topics open for proposals, terms and conditions for participation and funding budgets are available in the ECSEL JU Work Plan for 2016.

Source: ECSEL JU