EU funding opportunities for PCP and PPI

A total budget of €130 million is available for EU funding for PCP (pre-commercial procurement) and PPI (public procurement of innovative solutions) projects across the different 2016-17 Horizon 2020 work programmes. FAQs are regularly updated.

The following funding opportunities exist for consortia of procurers:

- To prepare and undertake together a PCP or PPI procurement (calls for PCP actions or PPI actions).

- To cooperate on identifying opportunities and preparing for future PCPs / PPIs (calls for coordination and support actions)

This type of support is found in the Horizon 2020 work programmes for European Research Infrastructures, Information and Communication Technologies, Health, Security, Energy, Transport, Space and Climate Change / Environment. Note that the funding rates are increased to 90% respectively 35% for the PCP respectively PPI actions from WP2016-17 onwards!

The European Commission constantly update the Frequently Asked Questions section for the PCP instrument and the PPI instrument worthing to have a look regularly to optimise the funding opportunities.

Source: European Commission