EU public funds for SMEs.

At a point in a start-up life, raising funds is vital for growth.

 In those cases the world of busines angels or VCs offers a variety of possibilities to finance your companies. But private capital is not the only option, it might be interesting as well to consider the fact that public funding can be really interesting for a variety of reasons:

  • Companies get a direct injection of funds.
  • Some programmes launched by the European Commission are especifically designed for SMEs and are really interesting.
  • Companies do not lose equity.

Nevertheless public funds in Europe are not as easy as one can think. Funding programmes are really competitive, in some cases the success rate is lower than a 10% and require some administrative knowledge which some times can be a bit of a mess for a start-up.

From FIWARE Accelerate we are currently working to avoid this barriers to happen and some of our companies are already engaged in a number of H2020 projects and are pretty successful in the case of the SME Instrument.

If you are interested to get started in European Public funding this webinar can give you a good and nice introduction

This webinar is presented by Miguel García, coordinator of the European project FINODEX and consultant-expert in Zabala Innovation consulting.

Source: FINODEX Project