The European Islands Facility NESOI launched the #NESOIsurvey to identify islands’ needs for the energy transition

Nesoi survey
With the goal to mobilize more than 100 M€ of investment in sustainable energy projects across the EU’s populated islands, NESOI calls the communities of the European islands to assess their needs.

The European Islands Facility NESOI, a Horizon 2020 project, develops a platform where training, technical support, cooperation opportunities, and funding openings will be provided for the EU islands. The cascade funding mechanism is lead by ZABALA.

In order to implement Energy Transition solutions, the needs of the islands must be identified. NESOI has built the #NESOIsurvey which tackles:

  • the challenges the islands face in implementing energy transition solutions 
  • islands’ energy transition priorities 
  • the advancement stage of the projects   
  • and the kind of technical assistance the islands may need   

The #NESOIsurvey is available in 6 languages, namely Spanish, French, Greek, Croatian, Italian and English, and can be accessed on this page. The European islands can participate in the survey until the 13th of March. 

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