Eurostat Releases Its Update of the R&D Intensity Data

Eurostat recently released its update of the R&D intensity data with provisional 2015 figures on R&D spending as a % of GDP

Key messages:

  • The EU R&D intensity level remains unchanged at 2.04% of GDP.
  • In 2014, China had an R&D intensity higher than the EU (2.05%)
  • The top EU countries in terms of R&D intensity are Sweden (3.26%), Austria (3.07%), Denmark (3.03) and Finland (2.9%).
  • Countries that started from low R&D intensity such as Bulgaria, Romania or Slovakia are catching up.
  • The 2014 figures have been revised downwards (>0.01pp change) for Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Malta and the UK.
  • The 2014 figures have been revised upwards (>0.01pp change) for Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Austria.  


Eurostat website for more information.