FIWARE Tech Summit in Málaga

FIWARE Tech Summit in Málaga
The global encounter will be happening in Malaga next Tuesday and Wednesday


Two action-packed days of tech workshops, exciting expert panels, quick fire presentations, standout demos and great fireside chats. The event is divided as follows. Check the full agenda here. Registrations are still open, so do not hesitate to join us.

DAY 1 on Tuesday

During the Developers Day you will learn how FIWARE technology can ease the development of YOUR smart application! Documentation, hands-on experience, and open working styles to give the possibility to be a standout FIWARE contributor and to hack your way to success.

DAY 2 on Wednesday

Join the Startups Day to hear technology leaders share their vision on smart solutions in cities, agriculture and industry, startups tell their success stories and public officials reveal their plans for a digital future.

During day 2, ZABALA will present the new European Data Incubator to the community. A new fund of €5 million devoted to big data startups which will start their activities next January. FIWARE will be one of the enablers for the incubation programme.

At the same time and co-located with the FIWARE Tech Summit the First Summit of the

Industrial Data Space Association (IDSA) and the Spanish initiative Industria Conectada 4.0 will occur.

The event brings an excellent opportunity to learn about the most recent developments of both initiatives and to understand what kind of projects can be devised driving collaboration between the initiatives. From 15:00 to 18:30 a wonderful set of speakers and presentations will happen. Check it here

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