FIWARE Tech Summit Málaga

ZABALA presents the European Data Incubator at the FIWARE Tech Summit in Málaga

The last FIWARE Tech Summit hosted in Málaga was a great success. 415 attendees (30% growth over the past edition) consolidate the main event by the FIWARE Foundation, in which ZABALA is a gold member and an elected member of their Board of Directors.

FIWARE offers a set of open source technology tools for the fast development of smart solutions in a range of domains, with a special focus on smart cities, industry 4.0 and agri-food.

During the event, Miguel García, from ZABALA had the chance to share a panel with the managers of the ongoing FIWARE related programmes, such as FrontierCities2 and Impact Growth, and talked about the success stories coming from earlier acceleration programmes such as FINODEX. The event was also a good occasion to present the new initiative European Data Incubator (EDI), which has an overall fund of €5 million to support SMEs and start-ups oriented towards Big Data technologies, which play and important role in FIWARE technologies too.

EDI will host private data coming from a range of organisations such as: Agencia Efe, Elektro Ljubljana, Emasesa, Energa, Migros, Sonae, Jot Internet Media RACC, TU-Berlin, Ubimet, Via Verde, Virtual Power Solutions, Volkswagen Navarra, VRT and Yapikredi. These organisations will define business challenges that need to be addressed with their data, and EDI consortium (University of Deusto, ZABALA Innovation Consulting, F6S, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica and Etventure Startup Hub) will evaluate and support the start-ups and SMEs willing to take on these challenges.

A single company could obtain up to €100,000 equity free funding. The first open call for selection of SMEs and startups will be in spring 2018.

At the same time the EC has made public the evaluation of the FI-PPP. This PPP was the origin of the current FIWARE Foundation. The report of the evaluation concludes the FI-PPP represents significant business value for the investment made. The impact of the Programme is already tangible and further benefits can be expected. FIWARE has a promising future, well positioned for the next wave of the digital revolution that the FIWARE Foundation is taking care of since the beginning of this year.


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