How is Horizon2020 performing?

How is working Horizon2020?
Access to European funds, knowledge and opportunities for collaboration are the motivations to participate in Horizon2020 by companies and organizations. The European Union held a public consultation that analyzes participation in the largest program of European funds for research and development.

The report of the public consultation on Horizon2020 emphasizes aspects such as simplification with respect to the previous framework programme, flexibility, and its European added value. The results of the consultation show great interest and support for EU research and innovation. Since its launch in 2014, the programme is considered of great value and provides access to European funds to finance innovation, as well as access to unique knowledge and opportunities for collaboration, that in otherwise would not be possible for many companies and organizations.

The consultation has taken as a reference 3,500 surveys from 69 countries, showing how 78% of participants are satisfied with Horizon2020.

Some conclusions are highlighted from this analysis:

  • Increased budget is needed and programme oversuscription is an urgent issue.
  • Fosters excellence and should continue to be excellence based.
  • Should better address citizens needs.
  • Should further support market-creating innovation.
  • Simplified, cost of participation is lower than in previous programmes but further simplification is needed.
  • Combined research and innovation programme better addresses stakeholder needs. But funding landscape remains complex to understand and needs to be rationalised.
  • Collaborative projects are the key and most relevant feature of the programme.
  • Some aspects of the evaluation process could be further improved.
  • Brings EU Added Value through unique opportunities to collaborate, access new knowledge and know-how and financing of projects which otherwise would not be supported.

On the other hand, the topics most mentioned by the participants and that should become relevant for Horizonte2020 are the following:

  • Climate change and impacts. It has become one of the biggest challenges for the EU, and hence the planet
  • Health and well-being in the population of all ages.
  • Affordable, sustainable and safe energy for all.
  • Inclusive and egalitarian education.
  • Inclusive and sustainable economic growth and employment.
  • Infrastructure, innovation and industrialization.


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