IMMERSE: The right to education, a tool for long-term integration

IMMERSE launched its first awareness campaign “The right to education, a tool for real and long-term integration” to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The campaign focuses on the importance of the right to education of migrant and refugee children to achieve real and long-term integration in our communities and ensure social cohesion.

The objective of this first edition of the campaign is to create a debate on Twitter and reflect on the concept of integration and its long-term implications. Follow us on Twitter @IMMERSE_H2020 and on our website and get on board with our campaign from 21st October.

IMMERSE is a Horizon2020 funded project aimed at mapping the integration of refugee and migrant children in Europe. IMMERSE’s main goal is to define a new generation of indicators on the integration and socio-educational inclusion of refugee and migrant children in Europe. ZABALA takes part in the project leading the activities related to social awareness and stakeholders engagement.

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