Keys for writing a good bioeconomy proposal

Keys for writing a good bioeconomy proposal
ZABALA took part in a ProBio workshop in Brussels trying to bring bioeconomy research closer to the market

With the objective of showing how to approach bioeconomy R&D project results to the market, ZABALA has participated in an event which has recently been held in Brussels within the frame project ProBIO "Your toolkit for bioeconomy research exploitation" .

ZABALA forms part of this initiative which supports this sector in Europe in order to exploit their R&D results and promote its market outreach.

Mónica Pérez, R&D consultant at ZABALA, was responsible for showing how to prepare successful European proposals in order to finance market outreach strategies for these projects. Equally, during this meeting, networking and cooperation between the 60 participants as well as organizations and companies related to bioeconomy were promoted. Many of the participants were representatives of European projects included in the VII Frame Progamme. In this way, new cooperative projects could arise.

Bioeconomy sector includes a diverse amount of sectors such as biomass and residues, chemical products and materials, biorefineries and diets. In addition, derived services and products could reduce the environmental impact and raw materials dependence.

Bioeconomy has many perspectives for Europe; however, it implies many R&D and basic research in the industrial and business sector hindering its approach to both market and society.

Keys for writing a good bioeconomy proposal would be the following:

  • An equilibrate composition of the partners consortium. In order to ease the results exploitation it is necessary to have a SME as a partner in collaborative projects.
  • A proved connection between the “need” that solves the project, the idea, the proposed technology and the market outreach.
  • The objectives have to be clear and related to the specific call. Moreover it has to be measurable and, of course, market focused.
  • Technological and product starting point should be clear: Which is the objective and how to achieve it?
  • The report should reflect the project results, who is going to be the owner and how are they going to be exploited?