New funding opportunity: €14.5 million in Sustainable Blue Economy call

The European Maritime and Fisheries Fund has launched a new call to foster Sustainable Blue Economy. The call with a total budget of €14.5 million focuses on four areas: Demonstration & market, fighting marine litter, blue networks and restoring ecosystems. The deadlines are 8 and 28 February 2018 depending on the particular strand you apply for.

The Sustainable Blue Economy call focuses on supporting innovation and bringing research results closer to the market. The other objective is to increase capacity building and networking for a sustainable use of our sea basins. The call will support sustainable job creation, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The cal comprises of 4 strands:

Strand 1 Demonstration projects for the blue economy 
Budget: €8.000.000
Deadline: 28/02 2018
It will boost demonstration projects based on innovative technologies to test, deploy and scale up new industry, service applications and solutions for the blue economy. It will help improve the market-readiness of innovative technologies and/or maritime services.

Strand 2  Efficient strategies and technologies against marine litter 
Budget: €2.000.000
Deadline: 08/02 2018
It will support concrete methodologies and technologies for:

- reducing the volume and harmfulness of marine litter from sea-based sources;
- monitoring and quantifying the contribution of sea-based sources of marine litter and
- removing and recycling it, in an environmentally sound and resource-efficient way.

Strand 3  Blue networks for the Mediterranean
Budget: €3.000.000
Deadline: 28/02 2018
It will promote networking to support job creation, innovation and entrepreneurship in the blue economy of the Mediterranean Sea through cooperation between a wide variety of stakeholders such as education and training institutes, maritime clusters and fisheries local communities from the EU and its partner countries in the Mediterranean. 

Strand 4  Joint actions for a sustainable Blue economy in the Mediterranean 
Budget: €1.500.000
Deadline:  08/02 2018
It will support the restoration of damaged or degraded coastal and marine ecosystems in zones of the Mediterranean with a high potential for a wide range of marine ecosystem services.

For more detailed information check the extract from the amendement of the Work Programme 2017

Info Day - 9 November

Join our Info Day on 9 November and learn more about the call.  The registration is open until 3/11/2017.  The day will be opened by Karmenu Vella, Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

Download the full Agenda.



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