NGI Explorers 1st Open Call will foster collaboration between the EU and the US to create the Internet of the Future

NGI Explorers
Candidates for the NGI Explorers programme may submit their applications to the Open Call until the 31st of July 2019.

NGI Explorers is the programme to launch Europe’s best Internet talent into technology Expeditions to the United States, catalyzing the impact of their disruptive ideas in fields like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and 5G, among many others. NGI Explorers Program will opens its 1st Open Call for proposals this month and will be open until July 31st, 2019 at 12:00PM.

The programme is looking for Europe's top researchers and innovators in emerging Internet technologies coming from academia, research and the corporate world (startups, SMEs and midcaps). Explorers will get immersed in a 3 or 6-month deep dive into the United States to accelerate their projects and cultivate an American mindset. This will be a unique opportunity to strengthen and articulate their ideas while building traction among a whole new network of partners and customers.

Participants will be hosted by a network of US partners, integrating the Explorers in their teams and supporting them in their endeavors with mentorship opportunities. Explorers will receive financial support for travel and subsistence in the US all 100% sponsored through EU public grants.

Helping startups

ZABALA Innovation Consulting currently manages 5 programmes with its own open calls for funding and/or services. Each programme has its own conditions and procedures. Among them are: Data Market Services, Blockchers, European Data Incubator, IRSUS and this same programme. To know more about how to how cascade funding and how we can help startups you can read this piece of news about it.

For more information about NGI Explorers, please visit


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