Report on future FET Flagships

A report by the Future and Emerging Technologies Advisory Group (FETAG) brings recommendations for new research initiatives to be funded through the FET Flagship program. This scheme is part of the Excellent Science pillar of Horizon2020 and is currently providing support to the Graphene and the Human Brain Project flagships. A new flagship on Quantum Technology is also under preparation.

FETAG experts stress that a FET Flagship is meant to be a transformational programme, with relevance to societal needs, based on academic excellence and industrial capacity, with the potential to increase European competitiveness, for the benefit of the general public and the Member States. The experts identified three favourable thematic fields for new flagships: Health and Medicine, Connected Society and Environment.

The FETAG indicates that to qualify as a potential FET Flagship, a research initiative should be a game changer, relevant to society, require a critical mass of resources and be based on scientific excellence. It should be mission focused and also have a clear European added value, involving a large scale academia and industry partnership and bringing industry and economic added value.

The FETAG also underlines the need of FET Flagships to be aligned with Key Enabling Technologies (KET) and involve ICT technologies such as Big Data, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and new materials-based components. The involvement of researchers from the Social Sciences and Humanities area to address the societal view point is also a suggested requirement for the future Flagships.

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