research*eu RESULTS PACK – eGovernment: delivering innovative public services for citizens and businesses

The latest research*eu RESULTS PACK– a collection of articles on EU-funded projects dedicated to a specific field of scientific research – is now available in free, accessible PDF. This brochure focuses on how eGovernment is delivering innovation public services for citizens and businesses alike in the European Union.

While technology to achieve smarter, joined-up administrative e-services is there, public administrations often face numerous obstacles including budget constraints, legal, procedural and technical interoperability problems between services and administrations (as well as between countries) and access to technical know-how. These issues have limited the roll-out of digital public services. This is something that the European Commission is determined to address.

This Results Pack on eGovernment covers the most recent and prominent results from EU-funded eGovernment-related projects. A number of these projects have been launched based on the cloud of public services concept. These include CLOUDOPTING, which has developed a platform to help administrations access a range of cloud-based applications, and STORM CLOUDS, which has helped public authorities shift their services to a cloud-based paradigm.

In addition, this Results Pack highlights two coordinated Large Scale Pilot projects funded by the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP). The first is the ambitious EUR 27 million e-SENS project, which is just nearing completion. This project has built upon the success of previous projects to deliver a basic online infrastructure that can be used across a range of public services. The second is e-CODEX, a secure cloud-based e-delivery system that allows judicial services to handle and exchange information on civil, commercial and even criminal matters.

All the projects highlighted in this brochure are based on collaboration, transparency and the participation of national authorities. The aim is to take public administrations out of their silos and make it easier for them to connect and engage with citizens, businesses and other public services across Europe.

Citizens and businesses stand will benefit from more personalised public services, while new commercial opportunities will be opened up by the creation of an eGovernment services/applications marketplace.

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