Results from EU funded Pre-Commercial Procurements funded by FP7 and Horizon 2020

Data shows first impacts on improving the quality and efficiency of public services, opening a route to the market for startups and SMEs, stimulating cross-border company growth, bringing research results to the market and creating growth and jobs in Europe.

Updated data from the first 15 ongoing and completed PCP projects:

  • Opening a route-to-the market for new market players: 71% of PCP contracts are won by SMEs, more than twice the average in public procurement across Europe (29%).
  • Helping also larger market players bring products to the market: 17% of PCP contracts are won by large companies as single bidder. 12% of PCP contracts are won by consortia of SMEs and large companies to bring products together to the market.
  • Impact on stimulating cross-border company growth: 28% of PCP contracts are awarded cross-border, 25 times more than the average in public procurement across Europe (1,26%).
  • Bringing research results to the market: 28% of contracts have universities or research centers as partners in the winning consortia (often together with university startups)
  • Contribution to growth and jobs in Europe: Nearly all bidders (97,5%) are doing 100% of the R&D for the PCP contract in Europe
  • Reducing the R&D risk for procurers / encouraging commercialisation of solutions by vendors: leaving IPR ownerhsip rights with the vendors reduced the R&D cost/risk for procurers on average with 50% as companies see wider commercialisation opportunities
  • Improving the quality and efficiency of public services: all completed PCPs delivered innovative solutions that meet the quality and efficiency improvements set forward by the procurers. Procurers from 50% of completed PCPs have already deployed the small test series developed during the PCP and are preparing wider deployment.

More info about the FP7 funded PCP projects themselves can be found on the PCP projects page.

More info about the winning bidders can be found on the website of each project.


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