Smart Cities: Seville, future model of city for Europe with the SINFONIA project

Smart Cities: Seville, future model of city for Europe with the SINFONIA project
The European seminar about refurbishment and retrofitting will take place on June 10th a and it will focus on the transition of European cities to models with lower energy consumption

Seville (Spain) will host on June 10 a European seminar about Smart Cities, organized with the collaboration of EMASESA and the European project SINFONIA. ZABALA Innovation Consulting is partner of the SINFONIA project. The seminar "Achieving Affordable Comfort” will introduce solutions and experiences of refurbishment to enable citizens to have a better quality of life based on a district template of energy efficient buildings and energy saving at district level.

Cooperation between European cities is at the heart of the city’s strategy for a sustainable urban development. For this reason, this event will be an opportunity for the city of Seville to present its ambitious SmartCitiesp strategy of sustainable urban development, but also to learn from the partner cities of Innsbruck (Austria) and Bolzano (Italy), which whom the city is collaborating in the framework of SINFONIA project.

As part of this EU-funded project, Innsbruck and Bolzano have undertaken massive refurbishment project at district scale, bringing together public and private stakeholders and addressing both building refurbishment and district heating/cooling.  Seville is a key partner of this project and aims to use the experience from these two cities to consolidate its own refurbishment strategy.

The Info Day aims to introduce the SINFONIA project to Spanish stakeholders and to promote discussion about how the project will support the strategy of Seville. The event is expected to be of particular interest to local and regional public authorities, urban planners, social housing companies, public authorities, energy companies and R&D centres involved in energy efficiency projects.

The event will include speeches from the city of Seville, its plans and challenges for refurbishment and transformation as well as the experiences of the European cities of Bolzano and Innsbruck. Besides, the socio-economic impact and financing models for urban transformation, how to involve key stakeholders and the citizens will be analyzed, and finally the panel discussion will address how other European cities can make use of SINFONIA to implement their own district refurbishment projects.

Large-scale European Smart Cities initiatives

ZABALA promotes intense European activities related to Smart Cities and innovative solutions, including the management of the secretariats of the ETP SmartGrids and the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC), and a strong involvement in other Smart Cities related projects such as Replicate and EU-GUGLE.

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