Societal challenge 6 - Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies: 33 topics open

This Societal Challenge 6 ‘Europe in a changing world - Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies’ addresses social exclusion, migration, radicalisation as well as integration, understanding and reflection on the past.

The complete list of open calls for this Societal challenge include: a total of 7 topics for Co-Creation; 13 in Cultural Cooperation; 9 in Engaging Together Globally; and 4 Reversing Inequalities and Promoting Fairness topics. 

Research in this area will explore new forms of education, integration and innovation in EU policy making. It will strengthen the position of Europe in the global context and promote strategic cooperation with third countries. Additionally, it will address the issues of mutual understanding of European history, religion, democracy and cultural heritage in view also of promoting access and participation to public and cultural space. Understanding and preparing the transformation of public administrations as well as supporting the integration of migrants are also covered by this challenge. 

23 out of 33 topics are directly managed by the Research Executive Agency (REA). The budget of these 23 calls is €108.05 million. The deadline for these calls is 2 February 2017 at 17:00. 

The calls managed by the REA cover many different topics: 

  • CO-CREATION-01-2017: Education and skills: empowering Europe’s young innovators 
  • CO-CREATION-04-2017: Applied co-creation to deliver public services
  • CO-CREATION-06-2017: Policy-development in the age of big data: data-driven policy-making, policy-modelling and policy-implementation
  • CO-CREATION-07-2017: Towards a new growth strategy in Europe - Improved economic and social measurement, data and official statistics
  • CO-CREATION-08-2016-2017: Better integration of evidence on the impact of research and innovation in policy making
  • CULT-COOP-01-2017: Democratic discourses and the rule of law
  • CULT-COOP-02-2017: Improving mutual understanding among Europeans by working through troubled pasts
  • CULT-COOP-03-2017: Cultural literacy of young generations in Europe 
  • CULT-COOP-04-2017: Contemporary histories of Europe in artistic and creative practices
  • CULT-COOP-05-2017: Religious diversity in Europe - past, present and future 
  • CULT-COOP-06-2017: Participatory approaches and social innovation in culture 
  • CULT-COOP-07-2017: Cultural heritage of European coastal and maritime regions
  • CULT-COOP-09-2017: European cultural heritage, access and analysis for a richer interpretation of the past.
  • CULT-COOP-11-2016-2017: Understanding the transformation of European public administrations
  • CULT-COOP-12-2017: The significance of cultural and core values for the migration challenge 
  • ENG-GLOBALLY-01-2017: Strengthening Europe's position in the global context: science diplomacy and intercultural relations
  • ENG-GLOBALLY-02-2017: Shifting global geopolitics and Europe's preparedness for managing risks, mitigation actions and fostering peace 
  • ENG-GLOBALLY-03-2017: The European Union and the global challenge of migration
  • ENG-GLOBALLY-05-2017: The strategic potential of EU external trade policy
  • ENG-GLOBALLY-06-2017: The Asia-Pacific as a strategic region for Europe 
  • ENG-GLOBALLY-08-2016-2017: EU-China cooperation on sustainable urbanisation
  • ENG-GLOBALLY-10-2017: Migration and asylum systems
  • REV-INEQUAL-13-2017: Research on employability, skills and labour market integration of migrants


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