Spain reaches fourth position in H2020 returns on investment, with € 1,933.8M

More than € 250M was obtained by ZABALA from the H2020 programme for its clients. It positions the consultancy as gaining 1% of the European total, which would represent 12.5% of the total returns in Spain.

According to the provisional results available, Spanish entities have obtained combined subsidies of 1,933.8 million euros in the calls for tenders for the 2014-2016 period. This implies a return of 9.8% of EU-28 for Spain and a fourth position in the ranking of countries by grants obtained, behind Germany, United Kingdom and France.


Horizon 2020 (H2020), the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation of the European Union, is the main instrument for financing research and innovation activities in Europe and is implemented mainly through competitive calls for proposals, which are managed by the European Commission (EC) and its Executive Agencies.

The results obtained by Spain are quite remarkable, since they surpass both those achieved throughout in the whole of the 7th Framework Programme (8.3% of EU-28, which placed Spain in 6th position), and the ambitious targets set for whole H2020 (9.5%) Programme.

In addition, ZABALA Innovation Consulting achieved a return of more than € 250m for its clients in the first two years of the programme, which represents 1% of the total returns obtained between all European countries, and 12.5% of all returns in Spain. These data are a consequence of the excellent success rate in the projects presented, since ZABALA triples the European average:

Project Leadership

Spain also tops the table in coordinated projects, ranking 1st in project leadership with 15.2% (378 coordinators), compared to 10.7% led by Spain under the 7th Framework Programme. In turn, ZABALA has managed to coordinate 60 of these 378 projects, i.e. 15% of the Spanish-coordinated H2020 projects have been supported by ZABALA not only from Spain, but also from the offices in Belgium, France and the UK, which undoubtedly facilitated the presentation and management of many of the proposals with European partners.

It is also important to emphasize companies obtaining previous returns: 2 out of 3 Spanish participants in the H2020 are companies, and are directly responsible for 38.2% of the economic return. By sector, Spain is also the 1st in Europe in projects related to calls for SMEs and ENVIRONMENT, and 2nd in NANOTECHNOLOGY, MATERIALS AND MANUFACTURING (with returns above 14%), all areas in which ZABALA actively participates thanks to a multidisciplinary team of experts in the programme.

Zabala hopes to extend the success it has help to foster in Spain across Europe and beyond. Get in touch! 

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