The startups selected by the Data Market Services project are presented at The Next Web Conference

The Next Web
The first ten selected startups will be presented in Amsterdam on 9 and 10 May, in the exhibition area of the event

Amsterdam hosts the new edition of The Next Web Conference, an event that gives your participants the opportunity to deal with investors and mentors to take a further step in the future of your company or your startups. This event includes, among others, the Data Market Services (DMS) project, funded by the European Commission's H2020 Programme, which emerges as an excellent initiative to change the context in Europe, foster entrepreneurship and launch emerging companies into international markets.

This project, led and coordinated by ZABALA Innovation Consulting, has the main objective of transforming the European ecosystem, overcoming the barriers that may have startups and SMEs that have their business model focused on the use of data.

The first ten startups that have been selected within the call of the program may have visibility during this event as it will be the space where they are announced. On Thursday 9 May, at stand C6, Octagon Careers, LeanXcale, BeSure Healthcare, Vesputi and NVISO will be presented. And on Friday May 10: Sensei, Aerialscoop, Priceflux, 20Tree.aiv and Xoresearch.

The relationship between The Next Web and Data Market Services is not limited to this event since The Next Web is one of the partners that make up this project promoting the development of startups.

About Data Market Services and startups

Data Market Services is a project that aims to encourage entrepreneurship within Europe and encourage a path to SMEs and emerging companies with disruptive business models based on the use of data as the main element.

After the evaluation that will be carried out by the project partners, the 50 best startups will be offered twelve free services divided into five categories (investment, acceleration, legal training, standardization and data skills). From these, a portfolio will be built with the 150 European companies with the most potential. This selection will be made in 3 different calls from 2019 to 2021.

Through the acceleration services, rounds of access to private capital of up to €5,000,000 will be promoted; additional public funds of up to €1,000,000, through SME Instrument calls and other European calls. Organisations will be able to increase their sales capacity by 20% thanks to the skills acquired, and at least 200 new jobs requiring skills and data knowledge will be created.

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