ZABALA approves 100% of the proposals submitted to CEF – Transport call

ZABALA approves 100% of the proposals submitted to CEF – Transport call
It represents 5 out the 195 projects that have received the green light by the European Commission. The return obtained by the international consultancy company reaches nearly five million euros and adds 14 million since this call began

ZABALA Innovation Consulting has approved 5 of the 195 European proposals that have been submitted to the European call "Connecting Europe Facility" CEF 2015 in the field of Transport. ZABALA proposals, with 100% approval, represent a total return of nearly five million euros financed by the European Union for its customers. In total, 427 projects were submitted to the call.

Connecting Europe Facility is a key instrument to promote growth, employment and competitiveness through investment in infrastructure in the fields of transport, energy, and digital services. The main objective is to promote energy security in Europe, and facilitate cross-border interaction between public administrations, businesses and citizens.

Related to the field of transport, feasibility studies and civil works are funded (50% and 20% of the budget respectively) and also include projects in cohesion countries (85%). The minimum EU contribution to studies is 500,000 euros and one million euros for other projects.

The call resolved now is the second of the programme. ZABALA has already achieved since then more than 14 million euros of return. There are still planned two more calls for Connecting Europe Facility- Transport. The next is expected to be published in the months of October and November, and will close between January and February 2017.