ZABALA approves 80% of proposals submitted to ​​Climate Action calls of Horizon2020

ZABALA approves 80% of proposals submitted to ​​Climate Action calls of Horizon2020
The four approved projects represent/involve a return of more than €24m

ZABALA Innovation Consulting approved 80% of the projects submitted in 2015 to the calls concerning the Social Challenge 5 of Horizon2020 "Climate action, environment, efficient use of resources and raw materials" in 2015. The European Commission has approved four out of five projects presented by ZABALA.

These projects represent a grant of €24.357m for customers. In addition to €9m achieved in 2014, it represents an overall figure of more than €33m coming from Climate Action related calls.

Calls included in Social Challenge 5 emphasize the transition to the circular and sustainable economy through systemic innovation, based on multidisciplinary issues, integrating technology, business models, legislation and social innovation. Attracting public and private investment and large-scale demonstrations with potential to be replicated are some other of the main goals.

The environment projects have a budget of €734.16m for the 2016-2017 period in the frame of Horizon2020, providing an excellent opportunity for organizations and companies. ZABALA offers expert work teams in this area, as well as for other European Programmes which promote sustainability, circular economy and eco-innovation, like LIFE, Interreg, etc.

Until now, ZABALA has achieved a total budget of €120m of return coming from Horizon2020 Programme.