ZABALA secures more than €40 M for H2020 projects in the last energy call

wind power
The initiatives, lead by research centres and a multinational company, will allow to launch products and services close to the market for offshore wind and solar photovoltaic energy sectors (Innovation Actions).

ZABALA Innovation Consulting has participated in the preparation of three proposals in the latest Horizon2020 calls framed in the renewable energy sectors (wind and solar) that will contribute to Europe’s green transition with close to market products and services. Two of the initiatives are led by research centres and the other one by a multinational. In all three cases, these are innovation actions (close to the market) that add up to a total budget of more than 45 million euros (around 40 million in European Commission funding).

The projects will be focused on finding technological solutions and materials for photovoltaic generation, improving their profitability, as well as market innovations for floating offshore wind energy. These are very strategic sectors for the European Union, where competitiveness and the search for efficient solutions in economic, social and environmental terms are a priority.

These are collaborative innovation projects that will be carried out in periods of 4-5 years and in which up to 45 partners will participate: large companies, SMEs, research centres and universities from 21 different European countries or associated European countries. In addition to the definition of projects, finding partners and writing proposals during the preparation phase, ZABALA supports the tasks of coordination, dissemination and communication and exploitation in some of the initiatives.

630 million return from H2020

In the 2014-2019 period, ZABALA Innovation Consulting has secured more than 630 million euros in from Horizon 2020 (1.1% of the total Programme budget), with a 37% success rate  in the last year 2019.

Since the launch of Horizon 2020, Zabala has produced and presented  890 proposals on behalf of its clients as well as supporting their internal innovation processes.

Currently, ZABALA participates as a partner in 35 European projects supporting management and coordination tasks and leading dissemination and communication, exploitation and social innovation work packages with its own methodologies. Six of the aforementioned are cascade financing projects where ZABALA manages more than 15 million euros for innovative initiatives for entrepreneurs and small companies. Three of these cascading finance accelerators (DAPSI, Blockchers, and Data Market Services) are also led by ZABALA as coordinator.

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