Newsletter March 2018


Newsletter March 2018

FP9: What would our ideal European Framework Program for R&I look like?

In this article we outline the issues that we consider key for Europe to secure a world leading position on innovation.

The European Data Incubator to launch its first call for SMEs and start-ups using Big Data

European entrepreneurial companies will now have the opportunity to boost their business products and services.


URBAN SECURITY has been introduced as a new priority for cities.

LIFE Calls for Proposals to be published in 2018

Details are taking shape for the LIFE programme’s 2018 Calls for Proposals. A provisional calendar for the call for proposals publication is now available online. Please note that schedules are currently indicative and that more information will be made public closer to the publication date for each call.

Upcoming Innovation in the bioeconomy

On April 12, 2018, the event “Innovation in the bioeconomy: overcoming barriers for sustainable bio-based products and biofuels” organised by Greenovate!Europe will take place at the Hotel Marriott Renaissance, in Brussels.