Newsletter October 2018


Newsletter October 2018

FET Innovation ecosystems: Regional support for a European Impact

The second event organised by the EFFECT project aimed to find out how regions could give support to interdisciplinary high-risk research through their local innovation ecosystems.

DECARBONISING EUROPE BY 2050: EU Energy players propose one broad ambitious mission for Europe

In a bid to shape one of Europe’s future grand challenges within the European Commission’s new framework programme “Horizon Europe”, a coalition gathering the most important energy players in Europe covering the electricity, heat and gas sector are proposing a broad challenge to Europe: Let’s aim at decarbonising Europe by 2050.

INTERREG: The financing instrument for European regional development

INTERREG is one of the key instruments of the European Union that supports cross-border cooperation through project financing. Its main objective is to jointly address the common challenges to find shared solutions in different fields: health, environment, research, education, transport and sustainable energy, among others.

EIC Pilot to invest €124 million in 38 new high-risk innovative projects

The European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot will support 38 innovative projects to develop new ideas towards radically new future technologies.

ROMEO Project video released

The new Romeo project video explains the European initiative for the development of the offshore industry wind renewable energy. The Romeo initiative contributes to accomplish Europe´s climate change and energy transition commitments. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive the latest news.

Take on a new challenge

The Zabala office in Brussels in looking for a JUNIOR R&I CONSULTANT/ENGINEER. If you would like to join a dynamic, multicultural team in the heart of Europe, get in touch!