ZABALA ranked 13th in the European Research Ranking 2019 by CORDIS

Qualified as the best consultancy firm in the top ranking, ZABALA has participated in more than 50 European projects of the European Commission's framework programmes and has promoted innovation throughout the continent.

The European Research Ranking is an indicator developed by CORDIS, the European Commission's main source providing the results of projects funded by the EU's research and innovation framework programmes (from FP1 to Horizon 2020). But... who participates in this ranking? The universities, technology centres and companies in Europe are positioned in the ranking according to their results in European R&D&I projects.

ZABALA, in the 'top' of Spanish consultancy firms

ZABALA is ranked thirteenth among the best R&D institutions in Spain in 2019 and has participated in more than 50 European projects (2000-2020). We are among the 200 best entities in all Europe, with a total of 5,500, climbing in just one year more than 500 positions.

In addition, in our European area, we have a return to customers of more than 630 million euros during the H2020 framework programme and an approval rate of 37%, tripling the average European rate (11%).

Our projects, our take-off to Europe

Throughout 2019 we have successfully participated in 12 European projects in various fields: energy, social innovation, technology and industry, health, agriculture and health, among others.

With budgets of almost 15 million euros per project, we continue to work with NAIMA, energy project; DAPSI, data portability; NESOI, new energy solutions for islands; GO-GRASS, a circular business based on grasslands; XFLEX HYDRO, hydropower; PRE-HLB, solutions for citrus plant pests; HIROSS4all, support for vulnerable social districts; BELENUS, biomass and new materials; BLOCKCHERS, blockchain for SMEs; NGI Explorers, a new generation of the Internet; FETFX, new emerging technologies and Data Market Services, support for SMEs and startups with data-centric services

Can we help you?

We have a wide experience with more than 890 proposals presented to clients, promoting European and our own innovation. If you need a travel companion on your way to innovation, contact us.

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