Special COVID19 | ZABALA EU - 19 March 2020


Special COVID19 | ZABALA EU - 19 March 2020

The European Commission extends H2020 deadlines

Learn about the economic measures taken in Europe to minimize the impact of COVID-19 and the extended dates of the original calls for proposals between 12 March and 15 April.

Measures taken by the European countries against COVID-19

The crisis generated by the advance of COVID-19 in Europe has forced all governments to take measures to alleviate the spread of the virus and stop the economic crisis that it entails.

EU increases R&D efforts to address virus crisis

The actions include extended deadlines in Horizon 2020 and additional funding opportunities for viral research.

ZABALA adapts to COVID-19

On behalf of ZABALA Innovation Consulting, we are reaching to you as our client, collaborator and/or supply chain organization, to share how we face the COVID-19 pandemic.