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DigiFed opens its third call for applications to boost the adoption of advanced digital technologies for European SMEs focused on non-digital businesses. 
On 25-27 May 2021, SMARTSPEND organises a conference gathering investment institutes, European and national institutions, funding programme managers and clean energy innovators to discuss public and private funding for clean energy technology. You can now register!
In 2021 it will be 35 years since this company began to walk the path of innovation together with companies, technology centres, universities and public administrations. Join us in the digital space that we have dedicated to this anniversary, we are waiting for you!
According to the new biodefence plan, Hera Incubator, projects with clinical trials will receive funds to fight new variants of COVID-19. Find out more about other projects aligned with this topic that Zabala is managing.
A new grant under the Hera Incubator programme will be launched at the beginning of April 2021.
The European project MediaFutures incorporates startups and artists into its programme, who will receive equity free funding of up to €80,000 to tackle misinformation using data.
Have a look to our downloadable brochure with all the information, where you can see how much is allocated to each programme.
Guillermo Dorronsoro will set you on the right track to ensure that innovation connects with the strategy, culture and processes of your organisation.
We continue with France the series of weekly articles entitled 'How do European countries channel NEXT GENERATION EU opportunities?' Written by Daniel García, director of the offices in Extremadura and Andalusia (Spain) and expert in European innovation programmes.
ZABALA Innovation lead the coordination of the fifth BRIDGE General Assembly – the key annual conference of the European Commission initiative that unites energy-related projects in the area of Smart Grid, Energy Storage, Islands and Digitalisation to create a structured view of cross-cutting issues.

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