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ZABALA took part in the International Congress "Water and Mining. Alliance for Sustainability ", organized by the Mineral Oil Chamber of the Dominican Republic.
Los beneficios de innovar hacia la economía circular
ZABALA supports the implementation of new innovation models based on the circular economy. The European Waste4Think project seeks to design solutions based on the use of information and communication technologies that enable the improvement of waste management.
A new batch of 28 excellent proposals that aim at exploring novel ideas for Future and Emerging Technologies has been invited for grant preparation. The 26 Research and Innovation Actions and 2 Coordination and Support Actions were selected in a fierce competition by independent experts out of 374 submitted proposals. The next deadline for submitting a FET-Open proposal is on 27 September 2017.
A new Partnership on Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area (PRIMA) will soon start to develop much-needed solutions for a more sustainable management of water and agro-food systems. A proposal to set up PRIMA was today adopted in a vote in the European Parliament plenary meeting in Strasbourg.
ROMEO project: reducing cost for offshore wind farm operators and boosting the renewables industry in Europe
Key players from the offshore wind industry benefit from €10m EU funding via this Horizon2020 flagship project. ROMEO will contribute to accomplish Europe´s climate change and energy transition commitments by seeking to reduce offshore O&M costs through the development of advanced monitoring systems and strategies.
More than € 250M was obtained by ZABALA from the H2020 programme for its clients. It positions the consultancy as gaining 1% of the European total, which would represent 12.5% of the total returns in Spain.
The European Commission launches a new Horizon Prize, challenging innovators to develop the most affordable, internet-enabled, full-page tactile display. The €3 million prize will go to the best solution able to convey digital information -text and graphics- for blind and visually impaired people.
The Commission is launching a European Defence Fund to help Member States spend taxpayer money more efficiently, reduce duplications in spending, and get better value for money. Announced by President Juncker in September 2016, and backed by the European Council in December 2016, the Fund will coordinate, supplement and amplify national investments in defence research, in the development of prototypes and in the acquisition of defence equipment and technology.
The European “Industrial Innovation in Transition” (IIT) project involved 700 companies from 11 European countries to analyse their innovation activities. ZABALA took part in examining the best innovation practices in the EU. The results were presented at the "New models of innovation in European industry" conference hosted by the Center for Industrial Technological Development.
39 projects selected under the H2020 Societal Challenge “Smart, green and integrated transport” will receive €238 million EU funding