Newsletter ZABALA EU | November 2020


Newsletter ZABALA EU | November 2020

ZABALA will present 12% of Environment sub-programme proposals to the LIFE 2020 call

The year 2020 breaks a new record of 1,500 projects submitted to the LIFE 2020 call, 56% of which belong to the Environment sub-programme.

ZABALA becomes a Board Member of the European Association of Innovation Consultants

Marie Latour, Director of Zabala Innovation Consulting in Belgium has been elected as one of the Board Members of the new association gathering the most relevant European companies specialized in Research, Development & Innovation (RDI) financing and management, EAIC.

Innovation Fund: the time for small-scale projects is now!

On the 29th of October, 311 proposals were submitted to the call for large-scale projects, going beyond the initial forecasts. The Innovation Fund call for small-scale projects will be launched on the 1st of December 2020.

€4 Billion extra for Horizon Europe

The next research programme will start on time, although there is disappointment among researchers as the programme didn’t receive more. Funds will go to the health and student exchanges.

Europe lays the foundations for a clean, secure and affordable energy future

The process of decarbonisation in Europe is particularly extensive. To achieve the goal of building a climate-neutral EU by 2050, all Member States and European countries must begin to decarbonise their processes and technologies.

Cascade Funding & new opportunities for businesses across Europe to innovate

The MEDIA FUTURES, DAPSI, REACH, DIGIFED and NESOI projects, all managed by ZABALA and operating under a “cascade funding” scheme, are currently offering several innovation opportunities across a broad range of sectors and themes including media, data portability, big data, digitalisation and energy.

SENATOR: A new urban logistics model for sustainable cities

The new European project, in which Zabala is participating, seeks to improve the quality of life in cities by applying urban planning tools.