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emissions reduction by 2050


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Created by the European Commission, the European Technology Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP SNET) brings together a multitude of stakeholders and experts from the energy sector with the aim to guide Research & Innovation (R&I) to support Europe’s energy transition towards a low carbon neutral energy.

The ETIP SNET supports the delivery of a R&I roadmap that will enable the EU to deliver on its 2050 and the intermediate 2030 climate & energy targets. The work carried out by the ETIP SNET is lead by ZABALA Innovation Consulting under a service contract with the European Commission (CINEA and DG ENER). Aligned with the strategy of the European transition to a low carbon economy, promoting safe and efficient energy, the service contract has an overall budget of 3 million euros and will end in August 2023.


In recent years, European industry has developed technologies for the development of Smart Grids that are ready to be used at a large scale. To this end, strategic guidance is provided to stakeholders aimed at developing technologies that address future needs, as well as the knowledge of experts involved in the platform.

The ETIP SNET communities and its stakeholders coming mainly from industries, research centers and universities and covering all European Union countries and beyond, work together to identify R&I priorities and the funds needed to achieve the EU medium term Key targets by 2030:
• At least 55% cuts in greenhouse gas emissions (from 1990 levels)
• At least 40% share for renewable energy
• At least 39% reduction in primary energy consumption

and work together toward achieving the 2050 EU ambitions.


Innovate and envision the future of smart grids for Europe to remain an international leader in this field. The ETIP SNET stakeholders are key players that promote collaboration between regional, national and international actors to foster the development of visionary R&I policies, as well as establish strategies for cooperation and joint collaboration.


Europe is a leader in the development of Smart Grids applications and technologies, having the most powerful companies worldwide. Their development can improve the competitiveness of the European Union, with the consequent creation of more industries and jobs, as well as address environmental and energy-related challenges. However, the integration with other energy and especially renewable sectors is crucial as well as the focus for customers and citizens.

The Service Contract (n. 300003009) supports ETIP SNET activities, funded by the EU.

María Laura

“The ETIP SNET Community is an important “theatre” of exchanges among key stakeholders in the energy field working together to achieve the EU medium and long term targets toward the energy transition.”

Maria Laura Trifiletti

Senior R&D&I Consultant

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