Proposal writing and project management
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Proposal writing and project management

The EU offers funding for projects in different areas. But the search for European projects and partners and the subsequent development and coordination of these European projects can be complex.

Zabala is your perfect partner for proposal writing and project management

At Zabala Innovation we play a leading role in expert positioning in European funding: in the entire LIFE Programme, Zabala Innovation manages to account for 4% of the projects funded, is present in 14% of the Innovation Fund and 15% in CEF.

We provide our clients advice on European projects. We identify the scope, based on our client’s idea, we write and develop the complete proposal, including the administrative, technical and commercial documents, dissemination and communication of results, and social assessment/impact, as well as the legal and financial aspects.

Once the proposal submitted to a European call for proposals has been approved, we take care of the administrative, financial and legal management of the European project, as well as the dissemination, communication and engagement strategies. We assist our clients in the search for partners, we prepare the grant agreement process and in the development of the project, we coordinate the work and communication between partners, and toward the stakeholders and society.

When a proposal has been successful in the corresponding call, we follow the project throughout its duration, we monitor its technical and financial progress through technical reports sent to the corresponding public administration. We liaise with the European Commission and attend consortium meetings, providing templates and guidelines to streamline internal procedures.

In addition, as part of our advisory function for European projects, we have the capacity to execute the dissemination of R&I results, and support the transfer of technology and the methods of exploiting R&I results with partners, as well as to develop social innovation tasks. Finally, we also manage the exploitation phase of the results and develop the strategy for using them for commercial purposes or for public policy development.

At Zabala Innovation,  we do the proposal writing and project management for European projects belonging, among others, to the following programmes:

  • Horizon Europe, the new EU framework programme for the period 2021-2027
  • FEDER funds, whose aim is to strengthen socio-economic cohesion within the European Union by correcting imbalances between its regions
  • COSME (EU programme for the competitiveness of enterprises and SMEs)
  • LIFE (financial instrument dedicated to the environment)
  • ERASMUS + (EU programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe)
  • Connecting Europe Facility (EU fund for pan-European investments in transport, energy and digital projects)
  • or calls from the European Investment Bank (EIB)




Million of euros in current yield by 2020


Proposals funded


Success rate, well above the average of 11%.


  • 1. Innovation

    The highest possible percentage of subsidy for innovation projects

  • 2. Internationalisation

    The internationalisation of organisations and presence in new markets

  • 3. Networking

    The exchange of knowledge, cooperation and networking with other organisations

  • 4. Reputation

    The strengthening of one's reputation in Europe

  • 5. Opportunities

    Access to new business opportunities

Camino Correia

“EU funds represent a unique opportunity for companies of all sizes to transform and grow. Horizon Europe and Next Generation EU are the programmes we need for EU's recovery: support will come from specific programmes and calls aimed at stimulating key sectors of the economy, such as the environment or digitisation.”

Camino Correia

Director of European Projects / Executive Commitee


  • What is a European project?

    It is the instrument with which the European Commission develops and advances its policies and achieves the objective of the Common European Research Area.

    Check our projects here.

  • Can I present a European project by myself?

    European programmes are collaborative (with a few exceptions, such as the EIC Accelerator). This is why the search for partners to generate the European project consortium is very important. The composition of the consortium varies according to the programme: some, like Horizon Europe, favour collaboration between public or private entities and companies; others, like LIFE, are aimed at all types of companies and some, like COSME, support intermediary entities that provide support to small businesses (SMEs).

  • How long does a European project last?

    In general, European collaborative projects last between 2 and 4 years, although they can last up to 5 years. During this period, the main phases that can be identified in the process are as follows – Preliminary phase: analysis of the project idea and evaluation of its European dimension; identification of the programme and the call for proposals. – Creation of the consortium includes the search for partners for the European project. – Project concept elaboration. – Proposal writing – Evaluation of European project proposals by the authorities and their approval. – Project implementation: project management and reporting.

  • What does the concept of "innovation" included in the European calls for proposals refer to?

    Contrary to what is often thought, innovation is not necessarily technological. It can refer to innovation in products and services, in processes, in the marketing of a product, in the organisation, etc. It can also refer to innovation in products and services.

  • How do I find a programme to submit my proposal to or a project to participate in as a partner?

    ZABALA Innovation is a consultancy firm expert in European projects, with a success rate of 37% in European programmes and a return of more than 690 million € for our clients in H2020. During the last framework programme, we have led more than 500 leading European projects and studies in different sectors such as smart cities, energy and environment, ICT, biotechnology and open innovation. If you have an innovative idea, let us know and we will help you identify the most appropriate R&I project, the most appropriate programme, and we will support you in research or consortium formation.


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It's not about the sector, it's the about project

The important thing is not to keep moving, but rather to know in which direction to go. Our 37% success rate proves that we know how to guide our clients.

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We lead leading European projects and studies in different sectors, such as smart cities, energy and environment, ICT, biotechnology and open innovation. Our goal is to innovate and to create new paths within the European innovation ecosystem.

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