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Amaia Cabezón

European Projects Communication

Pamplona Office
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Amaia Cabezón

Amaia Cabezón has a degree in Journalism and Institutional Communication from the University of Navarra (2021) and currently works as Head of Communication for European Projects at Zabala Innovation.

She is mainly focused on the Communication and Dissemination of projects funded by the European Commission, where she carries out tasks such as drafting communication and dissemination plans (with their subsequent implementation), management of the projects’ website (constant content creation), writing news and press releases, organisation of events, management of social networks and coordination with third parties for the development of various communication materials (visual identity, flyers, videos, infographics…).

Before working at Zabala Innovation, she worked as an editor for the Diario de Noticias de Navarra in the Culture and Society section; social media manager for the merchandising of the University of Navarra Museum; junior consultant at CreaTalent and member of the Press Office of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Navarra and the Corporación Pública Empresarial de Navarra (CPEN), the parent company of all public companies.