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Successful first Interreg Poctefa call for proposals

results interreg poctefa call

In Zabala Innovation we have achieved 100% approval of the projects presented in the first call of the Interreg Poctefa programme. From the Regions and Cities area, 3 projects were presented and approved (URAMUGA, AI4FLOOD and EDIT), with a total budget of more than 7 million euros, as they are some of the largest projects of the call.

In addition, within the same area of Regions, it should be noted that they have obtained a great result within the framework of the Interreg programmes of the ERDF fund, obtaining 75% success in the projects presented this year, still awaiting some of the results.

Three projects approved

  • URAMUGA led by the public company, NILSA. With a budget of €3,627,435.74. The aim is to improve the management of the integral water cycle in the cross-border areas of Navarre, the Basque Country and New Aquitaine, where there are shared sanitation infrastructures.
  • AI4FLOOD, led by the Navarre-based company Tesicnor. It has a total budget of €2,138,934.57. The aim is to implement technological solutions in the field. The project aims to adapt and improve municipal flood prevention by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and citizen participation. The aim is to identify floods more accurately, as well as to facilitate the use of data or generate data for early warnings using AI.
  • EDIT led by Bidasoa Activa. It has a budget of €1,523,334.48. This project focuses on the keys to the process of competitive transformation to which companies are called in terms of the double transition: digital and green from the perspective of collaboration. It is expected to reach and train more than 100 companies in the Digital Passport.

These projects stood out for their innovative approach and their contribution to cross-border collaboration between Spain and France.

According to Javier Lahuerta, knowledge leader of the regions area, “the regions area is gradually consolidating itself by providing service to cities and regions to assist in the preparation and management of innovation projects implementing effective solutions to regional challenges”.

Future perspectives

With this success in the Interreg Poctefa call, Zabala Innovation is positioned as a key strategic partner for those organisations seeking to participate in territorial cooperation programmes.

For this reason, the regional area is committed to continue working on projects that promote cross-border collaboration and innovation. An example of this is that we are already starting to prepare the next Interreg calls for 2024, such as Interreg SUDOE, Interreg Atlantic, Interreg EURO-MED or the same calls for functional areas of Interreg Poctefa.