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IoT Congress

Artificial intelligence and funding for start-ups at the IoT Congress in Barcelona

IoT Congress 2024

Recent technologies increasingly form the core of many companies’ activities. Innovative projects in this field are proliferating, but they need funding to thrive. For this reason, the IoT Congress 2024 – taking place in Barcelona (Spain) from 21 to 23 May – will feature Zabala Innovation on two occasions.

Firstly, on 22 May, Miriam Miranda, senior consultant in European Projects, will present the artificial intelligence project AI-BOOST, coordinated by Zabala Innovation. The presentation will take place at the stand of the municipal agency Barcelona Activa at 4:00 pm. Secondly, Sara Mateo, head of the European Projects Entrepreneurship area at the consultancy, will deliver a session on public funding opportunities for start-ups and SMEs on 23 May at 12:25 pm.

“Since this event will be attended by an international audience, my aim is to raise awareness among small businesses about the funding opportunities offered by the European Commission,” says Mateo, aware that European funds are often perceived as aids for major players. “The fact is, that’s not the case,” she assures. “Beyond the cascade funding mechanism, there are many opportunities for start-ups, such as the EIC Accelerator calls, the Eurostars programme, or Horizon Europe, that major R&D&I programme. Zabala Innovation has over 35 years of experience in European funds,” Mateo adds.

AI-BOOST at IoT Congress 2024

The consultancy not only provides advice on preparing and financing R&D proposals but also participates in numerous projects. AI-BOOST, coordinated by Zabala Innovation, is an example of an innovative project that has received support from the European Commission through the Horizon Europe programme. AI-BOOST aims to establish a prominent programme of prizes in open innovation competitions to serve as a benchmark for the artificial intelligence community in Europe. These types of competitions have proven successful in promoting innovation, attracting new talent, and securing capital in various fields.

The project will foster collaboration among the main players in the artificial intelligence community to define major attractive challenges in this field with the potential to create better opportunities and advance technically and scientifically towards a dependable, human-centred digital environment. AI-BOOST seeks to connect the entire European artificial intelligence ecosystem, from academia to industry, facilitating collaboration, sharing resources, and knowledge.

“These competitions will offer excellent opportunities for companies to find AI-based solutions and collaborate with the best research teams,” highlights Miranda. The presentation of the AI-BOOST project at the IoT Congress 2024 will be, in her words, “an excellent opportunity for more companies, both SMEs and large companies, research centres, and academia in general, to become aware of it and benefit from the many opportunities it offers.”