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Review service and project proposal support

For more than 35 years, Zabala Innovation has been assisting private and public actors in their search for and obtaining public funding. In this way, we have acquired extensive experience and expertise in regional, national and European programmes aimed at supporting R&D, innovation and investment.

On this basis, Zabala Innovation has developed a methodology for accompanying and supporting European project coordinators, with excellent results (more than 33% success rate in the H2020 programme and more than 60% success rate in national calls for projects).

We realized, however, that some of our clients and partners were expressing a need for support from us, but within a narrower scope of intervention than we had historically offered. In order to be as close as possible to their needs and with a view to constant evolution and progress, our teams have developed and now offer a specific project proposal review and support service.

This offer covers :

  • An analysis

    of the call for projects.

  • The preparation

    the project proposal writing template.

  • Regular exchanges

    with the project coordinator.

  • A workshop

    and brainstorming around one of the hardest parts of writing a proposal: impact.

  • Rereading’s

    time, including advice on how to improve the content.

  • Recommendations

    and best practices from our extensive experience.

Marcos Jareño

“The advantage of this service model is that it is flexible and allows any project leader to set up the support he or she needs with Zabala Innovation, depending on his or her ability to put together a project proposal and the budget allocated to this support.”

Marcos Jareño

International Business Development

How can we help you?

If you are interested in the review and support service for project proposals, please contact us and tell us about your needs. Our experts will come back to you afterwards to discuss your needs and propose a personalised service offer.

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