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Kaila, the platform developed by Zabala Innovation to facilitate innovation management for all types of organisations

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How can Kaila help you?

Facilitates decision making

Kaila unifica las principales bases de datos de financiación europea en un único entorno, podrás acceder a más información en menos tiempo.

Saving time

At Kaila, we process information and present it graphically, facilitating analysis and decision making.

Effective cooperation

Easily extract and share information with your team through downloadable reports.
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We use AI to give you better results

Kaila uses artificial intelligence in its search engine and recommendation system. You will be able to easily access the information you need and discover new valuable content related to your interests.

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Boost your Innovation ecosystem

Are you looking to boost your innovative ideas and get the financial backing you need to make them a reality? Kaila offers you a comprehensive solution to boost your innovation ecosystem.

Access to the main European funding programmes

Kaila is an online platform that integrates 75 European funding programmes. You can search for programmes by theme, region, or type of beneficiary. You will find detailed information on each programme, including objectives, eligibility criteria and application deadlines. Among the programmes included are:

At Kaila, we process information and present it graphically, facilitating analysis and decision making. 

Kaila drives innovation for all types of organisations


Large corporations

Access up-to-date information on the latest technology and innovation trends. Identify funding opportunities suitable for large-scale projects, such as those included in Horizon Europe or the European Innovation Fund.


Find specific calls for proposals, such as Cascade Funding, designed to support digital innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises. Monitor competitor activity to adapt innovation strategies.
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Public Bodies

Keep abreast of the most disruptive technologies and the companies that develop them. Strengthen your organisation’s value chain and boost regional development with programmes such as Interreg.

R&D Centres

Identifies programmes such as Horizon Europe that support research and development, providing detailed information on eligibility criteria and deadlines for applications.


Take advantage of information on funding trends and emerging technologies to strengthen innovation within your partnership and establish strategic collaborations.