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The LIFE 2024 call opens with a budget of 571 million euros

LIFE 2024

The LIFE 2024 call for proposals was published on Thursday. Its budget, 571 million euros, will be distributed among the different actions and areas that make up the European Union’s only aid programme dedicated exclusively to the environment, climate action and clean energy transition. Once again, this year, it will be the Standard Action Projects (SAPs) which will receive a large part of this fund (in this case, 300 million euros). This type of project can be submitted until mid-September.

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The LIFE 2024 budget by areas

Standard Action Projects (SAP)

Projects aimed at environmental conservation, biodiversity protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation, resource efficiency, and other sustainable development goals. SAPs aim to contribute to replication and achieve the EU’s environmental and climate objectives through the demonstration of pilot actions.

  • Nature and biodiversity: 158.5 million euros.
  • Circular economy and quality of life: 79.5 million euros.
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation: 62 million euros.

Strategic Projects

  • Strategic Integrated Projects (SIP). Projects that apply environmental or climate action strategies or plans at regional, multi-regional, national, or transnational levels, developed by the authorities of the Member States and required by EU legislation or specific policies in the field of environment, climate, or relevant energy, while ensuring stakeholder participation and promoting coordination with at least another source of EU, national, or private funding, as well as its mobilisation. Climate and environment: 79 million euros.
  • Strategic Nature Projects (SNAP). Projects supporting the achievement of Union objectives on nature and biodiversity by implementing coherent action programmes in Member States to integrate these objectives and priorities into other funding policies and instruments, including through coordinated application of priority action frameworks adopted under Directive 92/43/EEC. Nature and biodiversity: 70 million euros.

Technical Assistance for Replication (TA-R)

Projects to prepare for the expansion or replication of results from other projects funded by the LIFE programme, its predecessor programmes, or other EU programmes. 6.5 million euros.

Technical Assistance for SIPs and SNAPs preparation

Projects supporting the preparation of strategic nature projects (SNAP) and strategic integrated projects (SIP). 1.1 million euros.

Projects addressing ad hoc Legislative and Policy Priorities (PLP)

 9 million euros.

Clean Energy Transition sub-programme (LIFE CET, Coordination and Support Action Grants, CSA)

Projects addressing coordination and support actions aimed at capacity development, dissemination of information and knowledge, and awareness-raising to support the transition to renewable energies and increased energy efficiency. LIFE CET: 81.2 million euros.

Operating Grants (OG) for specific non-profit entities that have signed a framework partnership agreement

Grants supporting the operation of non-profit entities involved in the development, implementation, and enforcement of Union legislation and policies, primarily in the field of environment or climate action, including energy transition, in line with LIFE programme objectives. 14.37 million euros.

Key dates for the LIFE 2024 call

These are the key dates for submitting a LIFE project on time and being eligible for funding.

  • From 23rd to 26th April 2024: to better understand the intricacies of the LIFE 2024 call, the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) is organising virtual infodays.
  • 5th September 2024: deadline for submitting Concept Notes for Strategic Integrated Projects (SIP) and Strategic Nature Projects (SNAP), as well as for Framework Partnership Agreements (FPA OG).
  • 17th September 2024: closing date for Standard Action Projects (SAP) to mitigate and adapt to climate change, and for Specific Operating Grant Agreements (SGA OG).
  • 19th September 2024: deadline for submitting Standard Action Projects (SAP) for circular economy and quality of life, and for nature and biodiversity. It will also be the last day to request Coordination and Support Action Grants (CSA) for the clean energy transition sub-programme; preparation of Technical Assistance for SIPs and SNAPs; Technical Assistance – Replication; and LIFE Preparatory Projects (addressing ad hoc Legislative and Policy Priorities – PLP).
  • 5th March 2025: deadline for submitting complete proposals for those SNAP and SIP projects that have passed the first phase.