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LIFE 2021-2027

Do you want to know what is new in LIFE project management?

LIFE project management
Raquel Maeztu

Raquel Maeztu

Senior Consultant in European Projects and leader in the European Project Management Area.

At Zabala Innovation we have been collaborating for 20 years with national and international consortia in the submission of proposals to the LIFE Programme, the largest European commitment to the environment. Competition in this programme is high and it is expected that the number of proposals submitted will continue to rise due to the increase in funds allocated by the European Commission (4,800 million euros for 2021-2027 compared to 3,400 million euros in the 2014-2020 period).

In the last period 2014-2020 Zabala Innovation has achieved a return for its clients of almost 55 million euros with more than 30 funded proposals. This represents 1.8% of the available European funds in the LIFE Programme for that period, a great result. One of the keys to this success lies, in large part, in the knowledge we have acquired of this European programme by accompanying our clients in the management of their projects.

Our experience in the LIFE Programme

Since 2007 we have supported more than 50 consortia in activities related to the administrative and financial management of diverse types of LIFE projects, both Traditional or Standard (LIFE NAT, LIFE ENV, LIFE CC…) and Integrated or Strategic. We have a team specialised in management that can help you to define and implement a methodology that guarantees the adequate management and coordination of your LIFE project, which is currently managing 19 projects.

During these years, the legal framework of the LIFE Programme has been changing and, with it, the rules of justification and project management. In Zabala Innovation we have seen that these changes are especially relevant in this last period 2021-2027. The European Climate, Executive and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA), responsible for the coordination of the LIFE Programme from April 2021, has defined this new period with a management approach more like that of the current Horizon Europe programme.

New features of LIFE project management: simplified procedures

In view of the new developments, we can say that, although LIFE still has its particularities, CINEA wants to facilitate the management of these projects, simplifying administrative procedures and reducing the number of financial requirements to be fulfilled by the beneficiaries of this programme.

We are aware that these changes are generating many doubts, so we invite you to download this publication that we have prepared with the new features in the management of LIFE 2021-2027. Here you will find in detail the changes that have taken place in the justification platform, in the language of the reports, in the 2% rule or in many other aspects.


Expert person

Raquel Maeztu
Raquel Maeztu

Pamplona Office

Senior Consultant in European Projects and leader in the European Project Management Area.