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Project support activities

Having the capacity to write a good R&D&I project and obtain funding is certainly a challenge. At Zabala Innovation, in addition to writing proposals, we can get involved in the management and different stages of the project during its development.

Project support activities: project management

Once the proposal is approved, our focus shifts to successful project execution. Our experienced consultants take care of administrative, financial and legal management, using customised methodologies and tools to ensure timely delivery of key milestones and outcomes.

Project support activities: communication and dissemination

At Zabala Innovation, we manage the communication and dissemination activities of European projects: we define the communication strategy and objectives, identify the target audience and design the communication plan to transmit the key messages.

Zabala Innovation has a team of communication experts who prepare the project files, manage the task of disseminating the projects’ key messages (mission, vision, values, management plans, objectives) and identify the most relevant target audiences to be addressed.

Once the communication plan has been defined, at Zabala Innovation, we activate and coordinate the communication activities. We design the elements, select the appropriate media, and create the messages to be transmitted, through specific channels, based on the previously defined target audience.

Project support activities: exploitation

Zabala Innovation’s role is to define an exploitation plan. First of all, we identify the most promising results with potential for exploitation. To do this, we meet with each of the partners (both industrialists and the research centre). Once this stage has been completed, we draw up an individual exploitation plan. We can also advise them on intellectual property rights, so that they can find the most appropriate means of benefiting from the results, whether through a patent, royalties or another system.

Project support activities: social innovation

To ensure a project’s success, clear and fluid communication is not enough; it is crucial to manage the social assessment and impact of the project.

European projects have always had a major impact on society, on the population of the Member States, but also globally. Depending on the sector or the type of programme, EU projects can impact different groups within society. Many projects are focused on education, entrepreneurship, and social inclusion, just to name a few.

The scope also varies: Horizon Europe, the new framework programme for the period 2021-2027, is funding projects with long-term social impact, generating structural and revolutionary changes in certain sectors, whereas Erasmus+ is more focused on current social problems.

Zabala Innovation helps define a social innovation strategy and measure its impact, the social improvements achieved by the projects, and the measures necessary to establish the new developments they imply in society. Simultaneously, we manage tools to favour the adoption of results and innovations by EU citizens.

Differential value of Zabala Innovation as a project partner

We have often found that the entities that lead a project are extremely capable from a technical point of view, but less so in terms of organisation and coordination, especially in the initial phases and when the consortium is made up of many partners who know little about each other.

In contrast, we have been involved not only in the preparation of proposals, but also in the management and development of European projects for more than 36 years. In this way, our participation as partners makes the process start faster, smoother and more agile and produces better results, while also meeting the objectives set by the European Commission. And it saves the other partners’ efforts and allows them to fully focus on what they do best.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the precise role of the project management service in European projects?

    The project management service in European projects involves the strategic planning, coordination, monitoring and execution of EU-funded projects. This encompasses financial management, team coordination, risk monitoring, compliance, reporting and project closure, with the aim of ensuring compliance with EU requirements and the successful achievement of project objectives.

    The project manager acts as a key liaison between project consortia and the European Commission, ensuring effective and efficient management of resources and budget allocated throughout the project cycle.

  • What exactly does the communication and dissemination service for EU-funded projects consist of?

    The communication and dissemination service in European projects involves the planning and implementation of communication strategies to disseminate and share project results and progress with a wide and relevant audience. This includes the creation of dissemination material, organisation of dissemination events, management of social media presence, establishment of media contacts, and the elaboration of impact reports.

    The aim is to maximise the visibility of the project, promote the uptake of its results, and ensure that information is effectively communicated to stakeholders and the general public, thus meeting the EU’s transparency and engagement requirements for funded projects.

  • What does the exploitation service in European projects concretely entail?

    The exploitation service in European projects involves the identification of opportunities and strategies to exploit the results and achievements obtained during the project. This includes assessing commercial viability, protecting intellectual property, seeking collaborations, promoting industry or market uptake of results, and planning post-project activities to ensure long-term sustainability and impact.

    The aim is to optimise the use of project results, whether through commercialisation, implementation in policy or practice, or continued development, thus contributing to innovation and economic growth in line with EU objectives.

  • What is the precise definition of social innovation service in the context of European projects?

    The social innovation service in European projects focuses on identifying and promoting innovative solutions that address social or environmental challenges. This involves the design and implementation of strategies to foster collaboration between different actors, such as NGOs, local governments, businesses and communities, in order to develop and disseminate practices and solutions that generate a positive impact on society.

    In addition, it seeks the active involvement of citizens in the innovation process and the creation of sustainable models that address social problems such as inclusion, equality, sustainability and the improvement of quality of life. The main objective is to contribute to social development and community well-being, in line with the values and objectives of the European Union in terms of social cohesion and sustainable development.

María Laura Trifiletti

“Managing a successful project isn't just paperwork; it's the art of orchestrating a complex machine with precision. To reach your goals, you need a symphony of organization, expertise, dedication, and proactive flair – the keys to excellence in project management”

Maria Laura Trifiletti

Senior Consultant