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Our presence in Brussels has taught us that being at the heart of the action enables our access to information, and increases the opportunities to rapidly connect with key stakeholders. We help clients position their businesses in strategic sectors of interest and involve them in EU projects with the most active stakeholders. Our dynamic involvement in platforms, our vast experience in EU project funding, and our presence at key events provide us with unique expertise and a very strong competitive advantage to help us position and advise our clients in the best way possible.

What is our approach to Strategic Positioning in Europe?

We accompany our clients in the definition and selection of strategic areas of positioning at a European level, including related key stakeholders.

We analyse the relevant networks and associations, their role in the European framework and determine the optimal way in which to participate.

We identify and contact the most relevant people responsible for the definition of European work programmes and regulations to keep you up-to-date on the latest developments.

We work and collaborate to influence the definition of work programmes and topics from relevant European funding programmes in the medium term, taking into account any relevant changes that might affect business activities.

We help clients reach out to leading partners from across Europe, positioning their collaboration at the forefront of the identified strategic sectors.

We consistently work with clients to identify new strategic sectors for collaboration and determine whether their activities can be structured into strategic collaborative RD&I projects at a European level, to be submitted to the European Commission’s or related agencies’ call for proposals.

We constantly work towards improving your participation in projects promoted by European coordinators in strategic sectors of interest.

We use Kaila as a platform to manage innovation ecosystems, identify funding opportunities and potential partners for projects.


Years of experience in Brussels


Partnerships in Horizon Europe


Years of experience in EU programmes


  • 1. Brussels

    Presence in Brussels

  • 2. Consultant

    A dedicated consultant who represents you in events and key initiatives

  • 3. Innovation

    An excellent understanding of the EU Innovation stakeholder environment

  • 4. Tailor-made

    A tailor-made positioning roadmap, in line with your objectives

Alessandro Provaggi

“Our experience of Brussels, its functioning and the knowledge of its landscape of actors will help you open numerous doors and rapidly expand your innovation ecosystem, making you the next reference partner in your strategic sectors.”

Alessandro Provaggi

Head of Brussels office

It's not about the sector, it's the about project

The important thing is not to keep moving, but rather to know in which direction to go. Our 37% success rate proves that we know how to guide our clients.

Areas of specialisation

Our projects

We lead leading European projects and studies in different sectors, such as smart cities, energy and environment, ICT, biotechnology and open innovation. Our goal is to innovate and to create new paths within the European innovation ecosystem.

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