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European Project Management

At Zabala Innovation, we have been working on EU funding programmes since 1986. The expertise gained working with different EU programmes over the past decades has made Zabala Innovation the best partner to manage your European project. From leading the administrative and financial coordination, ensuring a successful implementation, to acting as the perfect liaison between the consortium and the European Commission.

Added value
of working with us

Providing Integral support to the consortium all along the project implementation to significantly reduce your internal human resources workload

  • Project Management WP
  • Quality assurance Tasks


Project-based management

  • Providing Management Support for specific Projects and/or EU service contracts

Project management Office (PMO)

  • Setting up a PMO within your organisation and providing
  • Support for all Project management related needs.
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European Project Management

Our services


Preparation of the Grant Agreement: We take care of all the necessary details to prepare the agreement with the commission, ensuring that your project will be supported.

Consortium Agreement Assistance: We build solid bridges between project partners, ensuring smooth and efficient collaboration from day one.


Launch Preparation: We get your project off the ground with a solid strategy.

Management of Project Management Board and General Assembly Meetings: We keep the project on track with effective meetings and proactive follow-up actions, ensuring that every milestone is achieved on time and with excellence.

Coordinator and Partner Support for Periodic Technical and Financial Reporting: Our expert team is by your side every step of the way, supporting you in the preparation of technical and financial reports, and ensuring that you meet all required obligations.

Administrative, Legal and Financial Advice: We offer you expert guidance on all administrative, financial and technical issues, so that you only have to concentrate on what you do best – project development.

Management of Modification Processes: We take care of the necessary changes that may arise.

Capacity Building in Administrative and Financial Management for EU Funded Projects: We enhance your skills and knowledge, providing you with the necessary tools to successfully manage EU funded projects.


Funding opportunities

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Raquel Maeztu

“Providing Integral support to the consortium all along the project implementation to significantly reduce your internal human resources workload ”

Raquel Maeztu

Senior Consultant in European Projects and leader in the European Project Management Area.