People, our main asset

The culture of innovation is made possible with the human factor and talent.

This is why, at Zabala Innovation, we have created a framework of communication, freedom and responsibility that allows over 400 professionals that make up our team to work with trust, integrity, cooperation and a sense of commitment. Since the birth of Zabala Innovation 35 years ago and throughout its existence, our priority has been establishing a committed team, to which we continually offer new opportunities for growth and development.

At Zabala Innovation, we are committed to SDG 8; we are committed to our team and to promoting its development and social environment. For this reason, we have implemented a management policy that encourages a work environment based on equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion. We promote a safe and secure environment and employee experience, through innovation and digitalisation, talent development, performance management and a service delivery model.

We support gender diversity, different nationalities, cultures, various abilities, sexual orientations, age groups and professional profiles. Our company is composed of an international and multidisciplinary team, that values commitment and enthusiasm in the work environment.






International locations


Years of experience

The human factor

In the future we will do something new; we might do something else, but we will do it together.

Our goal is not just to obtain funding, but to make our clients’ projects commercially successful. We know that giving up is the biggest risk in the medium and long term. We also know that the 21st century is the century of cooperation and innovation.

Paula Ansorena

“We believe in change and shared knowledge. Together we will go further.”

Paula Ansorena

Human Resources Manager / Executive Committee

The essential value of a committed team

Our professionals are our main asset when it comes to driving and supporting our clients’ innovation to improve their competitiveness: taking care of them is important.

At Zabala Innovation, we support each other and we invest in the continuous training of our staff’s skills; we are committed to creating and maintaining a stable, productive and healthy work environment.