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Europe Day 2024: heart of Innovation

Europe Day 2024

Year after year, 9 May marks a day with a special and profound meaning for the whole of Europe. On this day, which has become emblematic, European countries come together to pay tribute to peace and unity, two fundamental values that we share on our continent today. This significant day has its roots in 1950, when Robert Schuman, who at the time was France’s foreign minister, took the microphone and delivered a speech at the headquarters of the department he headed that would revolutionise the course of modern history. In that historic speech, known as the ‘Schuman Declaration’, the minister presented a new way of thinking about political cooperation between European nations, opening the way to a closer and more harmonious relationship between the countries of the continent.

With this innovative vision, Schuman envisioned a future in which war between European nations would not only be unlikely, but completely unimaginable. His proposal had the power to transform the continent, then torn apart by years of conflict and mistrust, into a community that could work together for peace, collaboration, and common welfare. This idea, bold and revolutionary for its time, became the seed of what we know today as the European Union. Since then, the European Union has become a symbol of hope and cooperation, a project that has shown that it is possible to overcome divisions and build a better future together.

Innovation as a key pillar

But the EU is not just a union with treaties and policies. It is a community of values, an alliance that seeks the well-being of its citizens. And one of the fundamental pillars of this community is innovation.

Through initiatives such as the current R&D Framework Programme, Horizon Europe, the EU promotes research, technological development and transnational collaboration between companies and research institutions, with the aim of improving competitiveness and strengthening Europe’s scientific and technological bases.

Horizon Europe and the future of innovation

Horizon Europe, the framework programme for research and innovation for the period 2021-2027, has a budget of ¤95.517 billion. This programme, which has the potential to generate significant economic, social, and scientific benefits, operates under the estimation that for every euro invested, 11 euros in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) gains will be generated and up to 320,000 new highly skilled jobs will be created by 2040.

Zabala Innovation: more than 35 years of commitment to Europe

Since 1986, we have been a benchmark consultancy firm in innovation strategy and R&D&I financing. Our commitment is clear: to help our clients to boost their entrepreneurial projects through the search for funding and innovation management. Throughout our more than 35 years of experience, we have submitted more than 660 European projects, we have obtained more than 1 million euros of return for our clients in the period 2021-2024 and we have a 40% success rate in the Horizon Europe programme, the current Framework Programme for research and innovation until 2027.

Considering innovation as a driver of progress, our work and commitment to the EU can be seen in the number of services we offer our clients in this field: strategic development of proposals; preparation of contracts with the European Commission; effective project management; strategic positioning; tailored information and training; partner in horizontal activities (Cascade Funding, Dissemination and Communication, Exploitation of Results, Social Impact and Knowledge Platform Management).

In addition, throughout our career we have taken part in more than one hundred European innovation projects in various fields, such as: energy, industry, health, climate, natural resources, and environment, digital, agri-food and bioeconomy, mobility, social challenges and security and defence.