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How to lead innovation with Kaila competitive intelligence platform

Originally conceived by Zabala Innovation to optimise European project management, Kaila has evolved into a cutting-edge competitive intelligence platform. In celebration of World Creativity and Innovation Day, the consultancy presents the integration of Kaila into its own website, highlighting its ability to provide a comprehensive view of the European innovation landscape. The platform, which aggregates data from over 75 European open sources, now offers free access to its search engine and introduces new features, including a 50% reduction in new annual subscriptions and the launch of Connect, a module designed to build customised innovation ecosystems.

“Kaila represents a significant advancement in the field of innovation management,” says Aránzazu Albístur, Manager of Zabala Innovation’s platform. “Its ability to integrate data, analyse trends, and facilitate collaboration among innovation ecosystem stakeholders makes it an indispensable tool for organisations seeking to boost their innovative capacity and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market,” she adds.

The platform not only provides access to European funding programmes and personalised suggestions but also allows for detailed tracking of competitors’ innovative activities, providing valuable insights for the development of competitive strategies. Through Connect, Kaila facilitates the identification of key innovators and connects with innovation-active organisations, promoting strategic alliances and new business opportunities.

Kaila by Zabala Innovation: advanced digital solutions

Indeed, Connect is just the latest milestone that Kaila achieves, running parallel to the history of Zabala Innovation, a consultancy committed to innovation management for nearly 40 years. A pioneer in innovation strategy and funding in Europe, this leading consultancy is uniquely positioned to understand market needs and respond with disruptive and effective solutions.

Two crucial factors led them, in mid-2020, to develop a digital innovation platform that would be launched shortly after, in October of that year. That tool, initially intended only for internal use, quickly transformed into a flagship product, driven by the emerging need for advanced digital solutions in the innovation world, as well as the connection between its players, so they can effectively operate in real ecosystems.

“In an environment where the amount of data on innovation in Europe is growing exponentially, the ability to manage this information swiftly and effectively becomes a crucial competitive advantage. Kaila addresses this need by integrating the main European public data sources, allowing organisations to exploit them in a visual way and efficiently,” says Albístur. And she emphasises: “We are aware that open innovation is the driving force for the rapid development and adoption of new technologies, so tools and processes that accurately map innovation ecosystems, which are key to sustainable progress, are essential, and this is precisely what we do with Kaila Connect.”

Through Connect, the platform facilitates the identification of key innovators and the connection with active innovation organisations in specific geographical areas. This functionality promotes collaboration networks and the development of strategic alliances, thus enhancing the innovation ecosystem and fostering the generation of new business opportunities.

Strategy and analytics: key in competitive surveillance

Thus, Kaila not only provides direct access to over 75 European funding programmes through its Analytics search engine but also facilitates the selection of suitable calls for innovation projects, and with Wise, it offers personalised suggestions to each user, based on a sophisticated algorithm. Furthermore, it allows for the identification of those who have secured funding in specific areas of interest, which is essential for strategic decision-making.

However, Kaila’s analytical capability goes beyond simple data access. This platform enables the observation of technology evolution and innovation areas, offering a complete view of the innovation landscape in Europe. From identifying the most innovative geographical areas to analysing funding trends, Kaila provides indispensable tools for understanding the current state and future projections of the innovation field.

In an increasingly competitive business environment, competitive intelligence becomes essential for long-term success. With Kaila, Zabala Innovation continues its commitment to offering innovative solutions that empower its clients to stay ahead in a dynamic and ever-evolving market.