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At Zabala Innovation, we are proud to accompany our clients in the optimisation of their management and financing processes until the success of their project(s). We are a leading firm in innovation management, managing more than 10% of approved CDTI projects and 20% of CENIT and CIEN projects and boasting a 70% approval rate in national and regional calls for proposals. From a fiscal point of view, we prepare 1,150 reports per year and manage 8% of tax deductions at a national level.

In European programmes, we have achieved a return of 690 million euros from Horizon 2020, through our participation in some of the most significant projects, leading European projects and studies in different sectors such as smart cities, energy, the environment, the ICT sector, biotechnology and Open Innovation. Our aim is to innovate and open new pathways within the European innovation ecosystem.


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We lead leading European projects and studies in different sectors, such as smart cities, energy and environment, ICT, biotechnology and open innovation. Our goal is to innovate and to create new paths within the European innovation ecosystem.

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